Every year, thousands of American homeowners have a terrible experience with an unlicensed roofing contractor while renovating their homes. From shoddy workmanship and low-quality materials to broken contracts and lost deposits, the downsides to hiring unlicensed contractors are serious, and homeowners should know the risks of hiring one for their home renovations.

At Center Point Renovations, we’ve helped plenty of our customers recover from their own renovation nightmares after choosing unlicensed contractors and know just how devastating the whole experience can beThat’s why we’re dedicated to helping homeowners protect their wallets with quality roof replacement in Dallascustomer-first policies and worry-free guarantees. 

If you’re looking for advice on how to hire the right Dallas roofing contractor, here are our top three reasons why licensed contractors are a must-have for protecting your investment during the renovation.

Quality Craftsmanship, Premium Materials, and Expert Installation

There’s simply no comparison between the quality of a roof installation done by a professional, certified contractor and the roofing work of an unlicensed and uncertified contractor. Unlicensed contractors just can’t compete with the expert work of a serious contractorif they could, why wouldn’t they count with the proper certification that proves they’re capable of getting the job done right?

The reason is that roofing licenses aren’t just given freely to anyone that wants one. Licensed roofers will have taken the proper tests that prove their skills and expertise in the industry. They will also know how to install a high-quality roof that won’t leak, rot, or collapse under harsh weather conditions. In contrast, an unlicensed contractor might install your roof at a cheaper price than a professional contractor will. The problem is, you’re likely to end up paying out a fortune in the long run due to shoddy installation practices and cheap materials.

Insurance, Bonding, and Warranties

By law, licensed contractors must be protected with workman’s compensation and general liability insurance policies. These laws are in place to protect both the homeowner and the contractor in case anything goes wrong on the job, which can be an unfortunate possibility for any type of construction work. They’re also bonded, which will protect you in the case that the work that was done did not satisfy the contract that was signed.

Additionally, licensed roofers will take responsibility for their work by offering adequate warranty coverage plans and quality guarantees. Needless to say, unlicensed contractors aren’t likely to offer these types of policies, or to be bonded or covered by insurance at all—which can be highly risky business should something go wrong before, during, or after installation.

A Real, Licensed Contractor Knows About Business Codes

Building codes are a big deal in construction. If an inspector determines that your rooftop isn’t compliant with your city’s local building codes, you will be held financially responsible for making it code-compliant.

As we mentioned before, licensed contractors must pass rigorous examinations that test their knowledge about building codes, laws, and other important matters. A licensed roofer can be trusted to stay up-to-date on current laws and policies that will affect your home renovation, while an unlicensed contractor may not.

Don’t risk financial disaster by hiring a shady, unlicensed contractor for your roof installation. Protect your investment, and choose a reputable contracting company like Center Point Renovations to handle your upcoming roof replacement in Dallas.

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