According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 survey, the national average for replacing ten standard vinyl windows is $14,725. With such an enormous expense it is important to understand what goes into the total cost. You’ll be able to determine where you might be able to save some money and where you might want to splurge for the additional expense.

Size of the project

Doyou only need to replace a single window or will you be replacing the windows for your entire house. Will you only need to replace the window or will you also need to replace the frame? For new construction window installation you can expect to add an additional $50 to $100 in cost. If you’re installing a large number of windows, be sure to ask about any discounts that might be available.

Installation costs

Installation costs will vary depending on the type of window to be hung and the materials to be used. While a standard sized vinyl window can be hung for $450 to $600 a wood window of the same size can run upwards of $800 to $1,000 per installation, including the cost of the window. Higher end materials and features will incur additional costs. Installing the windows on your own, but depending on the level of your expertise, can prove to be more costly in the end. The installation cost should include removal, clean up, and disposal of the original window and installation and cleaning of the new window.

If you have windows that are not standard sized, you can expect there to be an additional cost for their installation.

Style of windows

There are a number of different window styles that can affect the price of the window installation cost.

Double-hung windows

These open from top to bottom and tend to to be the least expensive type to purchase and install.

Tilt-out windows

As these can be accessed from the inside of your home they tend to work well in areas where accessing the windows from the outside is prohibitive. This feature tends to make them more expensive than standard double-hung windows.

Double-plane glass

These windows feature an airtight space filled with an inert gas that aids in climate control for your home. Installing these windows will help to save you money on your utility bills. As a result, these tend to be more expensive than other types of windows.

High-performance glass

High-performance windows offer the greatest variation in custom features, but also carry the greatest hit to your wallet. Impact resistant windows and those with triple pane glass are just a few of the features you can consider if you chose to go this route.

Features and options

Similar to other large ticket items, the more features you include to enhance your window performance, the greater the expense.


You can select vinyl, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass as the material which your window framing is made from. The type of material you use will directly affect the cost of your window. You should consider the benefits of each type of material when making your selection.


Most windows have a standard warranty that will help to protect you in the case of something happening to your window. Carefully read the fine print to understand what the window in case they need to be replaced.


Like many other expenses, the prices can vary greatly by where you live. Window selection and installation is likely to be much more expensive in larger cities.